Notion Platform Roadmap

Last updated: March 2, 2022

We just announced that the Notion API is officially out of beta! Now that the API is generally available, we want to provide our developer community with more insight around where our team is focusing next.

Here, we’re providing you with a look into our platform product roadmap, broken out by things we’re focused on in the near-term (the next few months) and long-term (over the next year). Like all software roadmaps, things are subject to change as we get more feedback, dig into new projects, and come up with new ideas. Our plan is to update this about once every 6 months.

Hearing from our community is an important input into our planning process. Please continue to give us feedback on the API – and on this roadmap – so we can work on the things that are most important to you.

Now that the API is generally available, here’s what we’ve already added:

  • More functionality — The API now supports more block types including synced blocks, columns, and simple tables.
  • Better controls — We’ve made it easier to install and approve apps with OAuth, granular permissions, and admin controls.
  • API improvements and bug fixes — We’ve made the API more stable and consistent, so that it’s easier to to build and test integrations.
  • More documentation — We’ve improved and added to our developer documentation so it’s easier than ever to get started and stay up to date with the latest API improvements.
  • New integration gallery — We’ve created a space where people can easily discover integrations built on Notion’s platform. Check it out here.


  • Search improvements: We are continuing to make improvements to the search API endpoint to make it more performant and reliable.
  • API support for link previews: Last fall, we launched link previews, an easy way for users to bring information from other tools like Jira and Slack into Notion by pasting a link. We’re working on making the link preview block available via API so that any company can customize previews in Notion for their product.
  • Bulk API: We’re working on a new API that allows developers to fetch and write data to multiple blocks.


  • Supporting new database views in the API: We recently announced new database views and filters. We’re working on providing API support once the feature has been released to all users.
  • API support for creating and reading comments.
  • Webhooks: We’re making investments in our infrastructure that will allow us to provide reliable event notifications.