Creates a new page that is a child of an existing page or database.

If the new page is a child of an existing page,title is the only valid property in the properties body param.

If the new page is a child of an existing database, the keys of the properties object body param must match the parent database's properties.

This endpoint can be used to create a new page with or without content using the children option. To add content to a page after creating it, use the Append block children endpoint.

Returns a new page object.


Some page properties are not supported via the API.

A request body that includes rollup, created_by, created_time, last_edited_by, or last_edited_time values in the properties object returns an error. These Notion-generated values cannot be created or updated via the API. If the parent contains any of these properties, then the new page’s corresponding values are automatically created.



Your integration must have Insert Content capabilities on the target parent page or database in order to call this endpoint. To update your integrations capabilities, navigation to the My integrations dashboard, select your integration, go to the Capabilities tab, and update your settings as needed.

Attempting a query without update content capabilities returns an HTTP response with a 403 status code.


Each Public API endpoint can return several possible error codes. See the Error codes section of the Status codes documentation for more information.