Retrieves a Block object using the ID specified.

If the block returned contains the key has_children: true, use the Retrieve block children endpoint to get the list of children.

To retrieve page content for a specific page, use Retrieve block children and set the page ID as the block_id.

For more information, read the Working with page content guide.


Integration capabilities

This endpoint requires an integration to have read content capabilities. Attempting to call this API without read content capabilities will return an HTTP response with a 403 status code. For more information on integration capabilities, see the capabilities guide.


Returns a 404 HTTP response if the block doesn't exist, or if the integration doesn't have access to the block.

Returns a 400 or 429 HTTP response if the request exceeds the request limits.

Note: Each Public API endpoint can return several possible error codes. See the Error codes section of the Status codes documentation for more information.