The Page object contains the page property values of a single Notion page.

    "object": "page",
    "id": "be633bf1-dfa0-436d-b259-571129a590e5",
    "created_time": "2022-10-24T22:54:00.000Z",
    "last_edited_time": "2023-03-08T18:25:00.000Z",
    "created_by": {
        "object": "user",
        "id": "c2f20311-9e54-4d11-8c79-7398424ae41e"
    "last_edited_by": {
        "object": "user",
        "id": "9188c6a5-7381-452f-b3dc-d4865aa89bdf"
    "cover": null,
    "icon": {
        "type": "emoji",
        "emoji": "🐞"
    "parent": {
        "type": "database_id",
        "database_id": "a1d8501e-1ac1-43e9-a6bd-ea9fe6c8822b"
    "archived": true,
    "in_trash": true,
    "properties": {
        "Due date": {
            "id": "M%3BBw",
            "type": "date",
            "date": {
                "start": "2023-02-23",
                "end": null,
                "time_zone": null
        "Status": {
            "id": "Z%3ClH",
            "type": "status",
            "status": {
                "id": "86ddb6ec-0627-47f8-800d-b65afd28be13",
                "name": "Not started",
                "color": "default"
        "Title": {
            "id": "title",
            "type": "title",
            "title": [
                    "type": "text",
                    "text": {
                        "content": "Bug bash",
                        "link": null
                    "annotations": {
                        "bold": false,
                        "italic": false,
                        "strikethrough": false,
                        "underline": false,
                        "code": false,
                        "color": "default"
                    "plain_text": "Bug bash",
                    "href": null
    "url": "",
		"public_url": ""

All pages have a Parent. If the parent is a database, the property values conform to the schema laid out database's properties. Otherwise, the only property value is the title.

Page content is available as blocks. The content can be read using retrieve block children and appended using append block children.

Page object properties


Properties marked with an * are available to integrations with any capabilities. Other properties require read content capabilities in order to be returned from the Notion API. For more information on integration capabilities, see the capabilities guide.

PropertyTypeDescriptionExample value
object*stringAlways "page"."page"
id*string (UUIDv4)Unique identifier of the page."45ee8d13-687b-47ce-a5ca-6e2e45548c4b"
created_timestring (ISO 8601 date and time)Date and time when this page was created. Formatted as an ISO 8601 date time string."2020-03-17T19:10:04.968Z"
created_byPartial UserUser who created the page.{"object": "user","id": "45ee8d13-687b-47ce-a5ca-6e2e45548c4b"}
last_edited_timestring (ISO 8601 date and time)Date and time when this page was updated. Formatted as an ISO 8601 date time string."2020-03-17T19:10:04.968Z"
last_edited_byPartial UserUser who last edited the page.{"object": "user","id": "45ee8d13-687b-47ce-a5ca-6e2e45548c4b"}
archivedbooleanThe archived status of the page.false
in_trashbooleanWhether the page is in Trash. false
iconFile Object (only type of "external" is supported currently) or Emoji objectPage icon.
coverFile object (only type of "external" is supported currently)Page cover image.
propertiesobjectProperty values of this page. As of version 2022-06-28, properties only contains the ID of the property; in prior versions properties contained the values as well.

If parent.type is "page_id" or "workspace", then the only valid key is title.

If parent.type is "database_id", then the keys and values of this field are determined by the properties of the database this page belongs to.

key string
Name of a property as it appears in Notion.

value object
See Property value object.
{ "id": "A%40Hk" }
parentobjectInformation about the page's parent. See Parent object.{ "type": "database_id", "database_id": "d9824bdc-8445-4327-be8b-5b47500af6ce" }
urlstringThe URL of the Notion page.""
public_urlstringThe public page URL if the page has been published to the web. Otherwise, null.""1