Retrieves a Page object using the ID specified.


Responses contains page properties, not page content. To fetch page content, use the retrieve block children endpoint.


Each page property item is computed with a limit of 25 page references. Therefore relation property values feature a maximum of 25 relations, rollup property values are calculated based on a maximum of 25 relations, and rich text property values feature a maximum of 25 page mentions. Use the next_url property it retrieve the full value of that property.


Integration capabilities

This endpoint requires an integration to have read content capabilities. Attempting to call this API without read content capabilities will return an HTTP response with a 403 status code. For more information on integration capabilities, see the capabilities guide.


Returns a 404 HTTP response if the page doesn't exist, or if the integration doesn't have access to the page.

Returns a 400 or 429 HTTP response if the request exceeds the request limits.