Update the title, description, or properties of a specified database. Properties define the columns of a database.


This endpoint changes database columns.

Sending a request with a properties body param changes the columns of a database. To update a row rather than a column, query the Update page endpoint. To add a new row to a database, call Create a page.

For an overview of how to use the API with databases, refer to the working with databases guide.


To update a relation database property, share the related database with the integration.


How database property type changes work

All properties in pages are stored as rich text. Notion will convert that rich text based on the types defined in a database's schema. So when a type is changed both in the Notion and in the API, the data will continue to be available, it is just presented differently.

For example, a multi select property value is represented as a comma-separated list of strings (eg. "1, 2, 3") and a people property value is represented as a comma-separated list of IDs. These are compatible and the type can be converted.

Note that not all type changes work. In some cases data will no longer be returned, such as people type → file type.


The following database properties cannot be updated via the API:

  • formula
  • select
  • status
  • Synced content
  • A multi_select database property’s options values. An option can be removed, but not updated.