Retrieves a property_item object for a given page_id and property_id. Depending on the property type, the object returned will either be a value or a paginated list of property item values. See Property item objects for specifics.

To obtain property_id's, use the Retrieve a database endpoint.

In cases where a property item has more than 25 references, this endpoint should be used, rather than Retrieve a page. (Retrieve a page will not return a complete list when the list exceeds 25 references.)

Property Item Objects

For more detailed information refer to the Property item object documentation

Simple Properties

Each individual property_item properties will have a type and under the the key with the value for type, an object that identifies the property value, documented under Property value objects.

Paginated Properties

Property types that return a paginated list of property item objects are:

  • title
  • rich_text
  • relation
  • people

Look for the next_url value in the response object for these property items to view paginated results. Refer to paginated page properties for a full description of the response object for these properties.

Refer to the pagination reference for details on how to iterate through a results list.

Rollup Properties


Learn more about rollup properties on the Page properties page or in Notion’s Help Center.

For regular "Show original" rollups, the endpoint returns a flattened list of all the property items in the rollup.

For rollups with an aggregation, the API returns a rollup property value under the rollup key and the list of relations.

In order to avoid timeouts, if the rollup has a with a large number of aggregations or properties the endpoint returns a next_cursor value that is used to determinate the aggregation value so far for the subset of relations that have been paginated through.

Once has_more is false, then the final rollup value is returned. Refer to the Pagination documentation for more information on pagination in the Notion API.

Computing the values of following aggregations are not supported. Instead the endpoint returns a list of property_item objects for the rollup:

  • show_unique (Show unique values)
  • unique (Count unique values)
  • median(Median)


Integration capabilities

This endpoint requires an integration to have read content capabilities. Attempting to call this API without read content capabilities will return an HTTP response with a 403 status code. For more information on integration capabilities, see the capabilities guide.


Returns a 404 HTTP response if the page or property doesn't exist, or if the integration doesn't have access to the page.

Returns a 400 or 429 HTTP response if the request exceeds the request limits.

Note: Each Public API endpoint can return several possible error codes. See the Error codes section of the Status codes documentation for more information.