Retrieve and update blocks with GET and PATCH /v1/blocks/:id

Posted by Alma Wang 2 days ago

You can now retrieve and update block objects with the Notion API! The PATCH endpoint currently supports updating paragraph, heading_1, heading_2, heading_3, bulleted_list_item, numbered_list_item, toggle and to_do blocks.

Number properties now support more currency formats

Posted by Varun Rau 10 days ago

The number property type in databases now supports additional currency options.


OAuth improvements

Posted by Christine Wang 14 days ago

We've made improvements to the OAuth flow to make it easier to use.

Database property objects now include the property name

Posted by Kiran Pandit 15 days ago

Database property objects now include the field name with the property name as it appears in Notion.


Rollup property functions now include show_original

Posted by Kiran Pandit 21 days ago

The function show_original has now been added to rollup database property objects. This fixes a bug where rollup properties were omitted if the calculation was "Show Original".


Create new databases with POST /v1/databases

Posted by Kiran Pandit 23 days ago

You can now use the Notion API to create a database as a subpage of an existing page. Currently supported property types are "title", "rich_text", "number", "select", "multi_select", "date", "people", "files", "checkbox", "url", "email", "phone_number", "created_time", "created_by", "last_edited_time", "last_edited_by".

User mentions can only be of people

Posted by Nishad Agrawal 29 days ago

To be consistent with the Notion application, only users of type "people" can be mentioned in rich text objects or in people properties of databases. Trying to include users of type "bot" will return a validation error. Existing mentions of bot users is unaffected.


Page objects now contain url

Posted by Alma Wang about a month ago

Page objects now return the web address of the page in the url key.

Last edited and created time properties are now rounded to the nearest minute

Posted by Aman Gupta about a month ago

Starting July 1st, the last_edited_time and created_time properties will be rounded down to the closest minute for page, database , and block objects. Previously, this behavior was inconsistent with some times being rounded and others not.


Database objects now return parent

Posted by Lauren Oliveri about a month ago

Database objects now return a parent property. Databases can have pages or workspaces as parents.