Select values can now be dynamically created via Create and Update Page endpoints + other updates since public beta launch

You can now dynamically create new options for Select or Multi-Select properties when using the Create Page and Update Page endpoints. When specifying an option that does not exist in the database schema already, the option will now be created and the database schema updated accordingly.

  "properties": {
    "Food group": {
      "multi_select": [{"name": "Vegetable"},{"name": "Fruit"}]

In the above property values example: Previously, if either "Vegetable" or "Fruit" did not already exist as an option in the database schema, an error would be returned that these are not valid Select options. Now, these options will be created dynamically.

Bug Fixes

  • The title property of a page can be set, and a page can be archived or un-archived, even when the page does not belong to a database.
  • Retrieving pages that are shared with an integration, but where the page's parent is not shared, no longer erroneously returns a 404.

Other Changes