Frequently asked questions

User management

Does the Notion API support SCIM for provisioning users and groups?

Yes, the SCIM API is available for workspaces in Notion's Enterprise Plan. Learn more about using SCIM with Notion

Does the Notion API support SSO using SAML?

Yes, single sign-on (SSO) can be configured for workspaces in Notion's Enterprise Plan. Learn more about SSO with Notion.


Why can't I access an integration token?

Confirm that you are an admin in the associated workspace. You can check inside Notion via Settings & Members in the left sidebar. If you're not an admin in any of your workspaces, you can create a personal workspace for free.


Why are relation page property values empty?

Double check to see that your integration has been shared with the database the relation property points to — This should fix it! If you're still seeing unexpected results, reach out for help.

When querying a database, is it possible to display the page titles of related pages rather than just the ID?

You have two options:

  1. Add a rollup property to the database which uses a formula to get the related page's title. This works well if you have access to updating the database's schema.
  2. Otherwise, retrieve the individual related pages using each page ID.

Are there limitations on the number of requests that can be made per second?

Yes, the API has rate limits. Your integration can gracefully handle these limits by slowing down when the API responds with a HTTP status 429.

How do database property type changes work in the update database endpoint?

All properties in pages are stored as rich text. Notion will convert that rich text based on the types defined in a database's schema. So when a type is changed both in the Notion and in the API, the data will continue to be available, it is just presented differently.

For example, a multi select property value is represented as a comma-separated list of strings (eg. "1, 2, 3") and a people property value is represented as a comma-separated list of IDs. These are compatible and the type can be converted.

Note that not all type changes work. In some cases data will no longer be returned, such as people type → file type.

API limitations

How can I upload files?

Unfortunately, we don't support this feature in the current version of the API.

Does the API support filtering users by their email and/or name?

Not currently, but we're open to your feedback on this. Get in touch and tell us a little more about your problem.

I have a different question

If you have a programming question, like in a specific programming language or framework, you can ask on StackOverflow. Use the tag notion-api so the rest of the community can help answer your question.

If you're experiencing a bug or a disruption, contact our support team.