Link Preview APIs

Today we’re excited to launch a new set of APIs for developers to build on — link previews APIs. Over the past six months, we launched link previews with tools like Slack, Trello, Figma, and Asana, allowing users to preview authenticated content in a new structured block. Now, we’re ready for any developer to build integrations that support link previews in Notion.

We built link previews to make it easy for users to easily share information in one place using a link. But with a regular link, the information would become automatically stale, making it difficult to share the latest updates among teams. Now, with the new link previews APIs, Notion will let you know when a user pastes a link to a domain you own, let the user authenticate with Notion and your service, and let you unfurl a new link preview block inside Notion.

Learn more about the new link previews APIs here, and apply to get access to and build your integration by filling out this form.