Hello world, the Notion API is now in public beta

The Notion API is now available for all developers to explore and build upon. Integrations built on the API are available to all Notion users, on free or paid plans.

In this public beta release, you'll find many of the fundamental parts of Notion: reading and writing to pages, working with users, and the deep and powerful world of Notion databases. The API itself offers foundational features such as authorization, pagination, limits, and more. This is enough to build many interesting integrations we've heard Notion users are excited to use. We're excited to see what you'll build for all of us. → Get started

Our goal is to establish that the Notion API is robust, easy to use, and trustworthy. In public beta, we’ll continue to add new features and making significant changes based on your feedback. Once the most important improvements are included, the API will transition from public beta to general availability. you’ll have everything you need to build integrations teams and businesses can depend on.

A special thanks to the all developers who experimented, explored, and shared their ideas with us - both in the private beta and those following along.